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JMCSS students show their talent at annual fine arts showcase

One of the three critical As of Jackson-Madison County Schools was on display prominently at the Old Hickory Mall on Saturday.

It was the second annual JMCSS Spring Fine Arts Festival, and students throughout Jackson and Madison County put their talent on display.

The three As for JMCSS are academics, athletics and the arts.

There were three areas in the mall where groups were able to display their musical talent.

Those eating in the food court could be serenaded during their meal or snack by the various elementary musical performances from Arlington, Community Montessori, Denmark, Isaac Lane, Alexander, Nova Pre-K and Pope.

High and middle school bands were on display at the front of the mall near its main entrance as South Side, Northeast, West Bemis, North Side, Rose Hill, North Parkway, Jackson Central-Merry High, a combination of middle school students from JCM and Jackson Careers & Technology and CMS performed.

Then in the area near the entrance near JC Penney featured choir performances from South Side, SAI Chorale, West Bemis, Madison Academic, Rose Hill, Liberty Tech, JCT, North Side, combined choirs from JCM High and Middle and Northeast.

School Board member Kenneth Newman was in attendance.

“The best environments for students to learn in are the ones that create well-rounded students,” Newman said. “And we can see plenty of examples of that today as we know JMCSS academics are showing improvement, and we can see the artistic talent of so many students and teachers here.”

Sherry Franks, another school board member, was also on hand.

“The students are definitely talented, but we can see how well the teachers have taught them this year in how they have developed those talents,” Franks said.

There were also drawings displayed on different store windows for people to see as they passed by.

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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