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OPINION: Being back in journalism feels right

I wrote this opinion piece a couple dozen times before I finally submitted it to Brandon. What does it feel like to be back? That’s what everyone is asking me, and I’m having a difficult time coming up with the right words. I’m not sure “good” is the word. That’s only part of it. 

Journalism has been part of my life since I was a sophomore in high school. I wrote for the local newspaper, worked at the high school radio station, worked in radio in college, then finally got a job at WBBJ. I worked from production all the way up to anchoring. 

One of the most impactful statements ever made to me was actually by my high school radio teacher. I was not a “natural” at radio by any stretch. I struggled. But when I decided to work to be good at radio broadcasting, he told the entire class, “I could tell Julia to climb that wall, and she’s going to figure out a way to do it.”

However, leaving journalism was an easy decision. Covering Covid was exhausting, and I cried more than I laughed. Working for the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture was exactly what I needed at the time– predictable, stable, and a breath of fresh air. 

During that time, I was able to visit family, go out on a Friday night (!!!), start exercising again, adopt a dog, buy a house, run a political campaign (we can talk about that later), and get engaged to the most hardworking and lovable man I know (!!!!!). 

Did I know I wanted to be a journalist again? Absolutely. Did I think it was possible? No way. 

Starting a newspaper in 2022 sounds crazy. And, continuing that effort in 2023 is certainly not going to be easy. But I want to assure you, our readers, that I’m going to figure out how to climb that wall.

You deserve consistent, unbiased, contextual, and in-depth coverage. I hope I can give you that. In return, I hope you will allow me to tell your stories, laugh with me, and cry with me. Because while I am your local reporter, I also hope to be your friend and neighbor. 

Sitting in City Council Tuesday, it didn’t just feel “good” to be back. It felt right. And while I might be submitting this column about 15 minutes past deadline, I hope Brandon can forgive me. It might be the first time I do this, but I can guarantee it won’t be the last!

I hope to hear from you all soon. If you need anything, please reach out at julia@jacksonpost.news. I mean it. 

Julia Ewoldt is a staff reporter and marketing coordinator for The Jackson Post. Contact her at julia@jacksonpost.news.



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