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Jackson Mayoral candidate arrested, booked in Madison Co. CJC

Mayoral Candidate Paul Sherrod was booked into the Madison County Criminal Justice Complex Tuesday morning, according to booking information available online. The information cites a domestic violence charge as reason for his arrest. 

Staff at the CJC were unable to provide an updated mugshot for Sherrod, saying he was “not being very cooperative.”

The mugshot they were able to provide was from an incident in 2013, where Sherrod was arrested for harassment. The Post cross-referenced the birthdate on the booking information with Sherrod’s listed birthdate on Facebook to verify it is the same person, since the included mugshot was from ten years ago. 

At this time, the events surrounding Sherrod’s arrest are unclear.

Sherrod has been open about his prior arrest. During his mayoral profile interview, he spoke about his plan to work with City Court Judge Blake Anderson and District Attorney General Jody Pickens to keep non-violent criminals out of jail.

“We can work to set bail and not have people locked up in a horrible place for some petty crimes and mandatory arrest. People don’t know anything about that. And no one should have an opinion if they’ve never spent the night there,” Sherrod said. 

When asked if he has been arrested, since he has an opinion on the situation, Sherrod said yes. 

“As a matter of public record, I have been arrested. Yes. Okay,” Sherrod said, “I’m not afraid to admit that many people have been arrested. I’m not ashamed. I don’t have children. I don’t have a wife. The only person I risk by saying that is me. And all I’m trying to say is I’m just a normal guy.”

As a note, the City of Jackson does not have any control over the Madison Co. Criminal Justice Complex. The complex is maintained by the Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office. However, it is used by the Jackson Police Department and other law enforcement agencies.

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news



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