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Conger wins runoff election: “‘We the People’ means everybody”

Scott Conger will be mayor for another four years, according to the results of the mayoral runoff election. Conger received 5,304 votes, or 58%. Opponent Ray Condray received 3,813 votes, or 42% of the votes. 

This comes after the original election on May 2, when Conger received 3,927 votes, 46.95%. Condray received 2,452 votes, 29.31%.

“There have been three runoffs in 52 years of City history. Congers are 3-0,” the reelected mayor said at the beginning of his victory speech, in reference to this runoff election, the one held in 2019, and the runoff his grandfather won when he was elected mayor. 

Conger also thanked his wife and kids, grandmother (wife of former Mayor Conger), and his campaign volunteers. 

“This campaign was tough. Some wanted to tear Jackson down and tear us apart. During this campaign, I was called names. Some of you were called names. We were lied on, lied to, lied about. Something that stuck out to me was that I was called arrogant,” Conger said as the crowd laughed. “But, my face wasn’t on the campaign signs.” 

“It was tough on everyone. But, we had to be tough. You all showed up, volunteered, defended, and voted. And guess what, we won,” he continued. 

“I just want to say this: ‘We the people’ means everybody in Jackson,” which Conger repeated at the request of his supporters. This statement was in reference to the political group opponent Ray Condray founded before he ran for office. The group was active in this election cycle. 

“You all showed up and showed everybody that love wins over hate. That hope is more powerful than fear. And at every single time during the race. And guess what, Black lives do matter,” Conger said.

“But, the work isn’t done. We still have to fight for everyone. We still have to dream big in Jackson. And we’re not going back,” Conger said. 

At the end of the speech, Conger made a request to the group to support Jackson-Madison Co. Schools Superintendent Marlon King, as he is facing criticism from the County Commission. 

“I know you’re busy, but we have one more fight. We have to surround our superintendent. Because they’re coming for public schools next. But we’re moving forward. See, we’ll let them have the past: because the future is ours.”

Conger spoke with reporters after the victory speech. He said he looks forward to continuing the work he has begun in his last four years in office. 

“We’ve been working on this, and so we have strategic plans in the works,” Conger said, “We’re going live in two weeks on the new core financial system, which will make our financial reporting so much easier. We have infrastructure projects coming together for three building projects that are in the process right now. So we have a lot going on. So there’s no day one starting July 1. The work is continuing. We’re going to continue moving forward.” 

The official vote will still need to be certified by the Madison County Election Commission.

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news 



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