Arraignment postponed for mayoral candidate Sherrod: VIDEO

The video of this incident may be considered upsetting. Discretion is advised.

Mayoral Candidate Paul Sherrod was unable to be arraigned in Madison County General Sessions court Thursday morning, due to an incident in the courtroom. He was arrested Tuesday on a charge of aggravated domestic assault. 

Sherrod is also now facing three charges from the Jackson Police Department: harassment, and two counts of felony vandalism.

It’s unclear what led to the four charges, split between the county and the city. Until the affidavits are read in a courtroom, they do not become public record, and news media cannot access it. 

As Sherrod was led into the courtroom, he could be seen ducking from view of the public, and he growled at deputies. After he did not stop, deputies attempted to restrain him, and lead him back to a holding cell.

The Jackson Post recorded a four-minute video showing the altercation between Sherrod and several deputies. While deputies tried to restrain Sherrod, he bit one in the arm, visibly leaving a mark and drawing blood. 

Two other deputies held Sherrod to the floor while he screamed, “Help me, they are going to kill me,” several times. Sherrod also pleaded for his mother. In the video, Sherrod is lying face down on the floor, while a deputy has a knee on his backside. 

The deputy who was bitten could be seen holding a taser, but it is unclear if it was used. In the video, he is seen putting the taser back in its holster. 

When more deputies arrived, they rolled Sherrod to his side. At that point, Sherrod told them, “God bless you,” repeatedly.

Deputies were eventually able to help Sherrod into a sitting position, and then led him out of the courtroom. 

Because Sherrod is a Jackson Mayoral Candidate, he is a public figure. This incident also happened in a public place. Due to the incident, he was unable to be formally arraigned in court. 

It is unclear when Sherrod will be arraigned in Madison Co. General Sessions Court. His arraignment for Jackson City Court is scheduled for Friday morning. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the end of the video, three deputies question The Post reporter’s cell phone usage to film the incident, asking if there was permission to do so. It is noted, the general public is not allowed to have cell phones or cameras inside the Madison Co. Criminal Justice Complex. However, members of the media have traditionally been granted an exception to this policy. 

The video of this incident may be considered upsetting. Discretion is advised.

Julia Ewoldt,