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Northside youth presents ‘Firm Foundation’ this weekend

The youth group at Northside Church has the spring tradition of putting together a production written and produced by the youth group members themselves.

That tradition continues this weekend as all three performances of this year’s production, “Firm Foundation,” will happen Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Friday and Saturday performances start at 7 p.m. Sunday’s performance starts at 3 p.m.

“This is the 22nd year our youth have done this,” said Glenn Miller, the director of student ministries at Northside. “The students write the storylines and choose the music to help tell the story, and it all leads to the production this weekend.”

The performances are free and meant to be as a gift to the community by the youth.

“Anyone can just show up for one of the performances and watch,” Miller said. “We only ask if you’re bringing a group of 15 or more to call us at 668-0617 or send a notification to us through our website (northsidejackson.com) under the events tab.

“And we welcome all of them here, but letting us know beforehand gives us a chance to mark off an area for the group so y’all can sit together.”

The production starts in the fall when senior members of the youth group get together and determine the story and storyline of the production and the song selection.

More direct work on the script and plot happens through the winter and over the Christmas break as the cast is selected before actual work of rehearsals begins in March leading up to the final week before the production.

That final week – usually within the first two weeks after the school year is completed – is almost an early summer camp for the cast.

“They check in here at the church on Monday morning, and they’re essentially here all week living here and doing rehearsals until showtime on Friday,” Miller said. “At one time, they were actually staying here in the building, but that has since changed to groups of kids will go to different homes throughout the community and come back each morning.

“And they’re not rehearsing all day. There are team building activities and different other fun things scheduled to keep everyone’s attention high.”

Miller said he enjoys watching the process come together every year.

“A lot of people seem to think that miracles don’t happen much anymore, but if I hear anyone say that I tell them to spend more time around children,” Miller said. “Because when you get them together working toward a common goal it’s amazing to see how much they can accomplish – it’s miraculous.

“And we’re watching that happen again this week.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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