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Local foster children receive quilts from club members

May was Foster Care Awareness Month, and private foster care organization Youth Villages commemorated the occasion on Thursday by teaming up with the Savannah Quilting Club.

The club put together a number of quilts and presented them at a reception in which children in foster care came in and picked out a quilt and a pillowcase of their own.

“We’re so appreciative of you our foster parents and families,” said Donna Goodman, a recruiter and trainer for Youth Villages at the event to the families. “We’re so glad the children could join us today to be a part of this.

“And we know you’re going to enjoy the quilt and pillowcase these wonderful ladies have put together for you.”

Members of the club said they each had experience with foster care and adoption and wanted to do something that would help children in foster care, and this was a way they came up with.

There were about a dozen foster children and their families who came away with a quilt.

“Thank you so much to the Savannah Quilting Club for putting this together,” Goodman said. “This is something the children can take with them no matter where they go, and we’re appreciative of that.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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