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Local business shows appreciation for work of firefighters

Victory Honda General Manager Chase Channell was more than willing to provide lunch for the crew at Jackson Fire Department Station 2 on Friday, Dec. 30.

That’s because a week earlier in the wee hours of Friday, Dec. 23, firefighters’ quick work kept the car dealership’s building on the Highway 45 By-pass from suffering significant damage related to the frigid weather Jackson received in the days leading up to Christmas.

“That Thursday night and early Friday morning when the temperatures took a sharp downward turn, the pipes in our service department froze up,” Channell said. “And that caused a pipe to burst in the sprinkler system, so when that happened, it triggered an alarm with the fire department, and their crew came out.

“Not only did they come by to make sure we weren’t on fire, but they turned off the water before I even had time to get here, because I got a notification of what was going on in real time.”

Water did damage a few ceiling tiles, but Channell was fortunate enough to know a neighbor who’s a plumber who was able to replace the pipe, and Key Fire Protection, Victory’s alarm company, sent a technician out that day to fix any problems with the alarm system.

“So after that, all that was needed was to mop up some water in our service area, which is linoleum flooring, and replace a few ceiling tiles that were destroyed by the water,” Channell said.

Out of appreciation for the fire fighters’ quick work that saved Victory significant money in potential repair work to the building had it suffered more water damage, Channell reached out to JFD to find out which station the crew came from and to get a meal catered to that station.

“I wanted to get a local restaurant to use their services to feed the firefighters, and we got Baker Brothers Barbecue from Downtown,” Channell said. “Of course, we all enjoyed the food from Baker Brothers, and I’m happy to pay for a big meal for a few firefighters instead of paying thousands of dollars for repairs to our building, so I’m very appreciative of our first responders here locally.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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