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Union’s Samuel Scott wins statewide logo design contest

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Volunteer Tennessee proudly unveiled a new Governor’s Volunteer Stars Awards (GVSA) logo that reflects the state’s vibrant volunteer spirit. Samuel Scott, a student at Union University, designed the logo as part of a statewide design contest.

The GVSA logo design contest is part of Volunteer Tennessee’s 30th Anniversary celebration. The organization invited colleges and universities from across the state to engage students to create a clean, fresh logo that reflects the importance of volunteers and appropriately represents the dignity of the State of Tennessee and Volunteer Tennessee.

“As a state agency, we have the privilege of celebrating people of all ages and backgrounds and their impressive accomplishments,” said Hope Alexander, Volunteer Tennessee’s communications and outreach manager. “The new GVSA logo encapsulates our core values, vision, and the dynamic nature of the ever-evolving world of volunteerism and community service.”

GVSA is a prestigious initiative of Volunteer Tennessee that works to annually celebrate two volunteers – one adult and one youth – from each of Tennessee’s 95 counties. It recognizes a business and nonprofit from each of Tennessee’s grand divisions for impacting their communities through volunteer involvement. The GVSA has honored more than 1,300 individuals since the beginning of the initiative in 2008.

“When I signed up for Professor Angela Lee’s Intro to Graphic Design course last semester, I certainly didn’t expect this!” declared Scott. “That my logo was even selected as a finalist came as a surprise to me. I’m thankful to Professor Lee, Union, and Hope Alexander for arranging this opportunity. How cool for a student to have his work used by a real organization!”

A senior at Union University, Samuel Scott is a sports management major from Columbia, Missouri. He plans to graduate in May and continue his education in Union’s MBA program while working as a graduate assistant in the sports communication office. His goal is a career in athletic administration.

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