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Theater company helps teach lessons about keeping Earth clean

Good Friday, March 29, was a perfect day to get out and do some gardening with sunny weather and mild temperatures.

Fortunately, that was the day the Children’s Theater Company of New York was scheduled to be in town working with children from Jackson for a production the following night Henry Box Brown: A Musical Journey at The Ned.

But before they completed the work of that production, CTC and others in town including representatives from Keep Jackson Beautiful and other similar groups in Jackson, gathered in the lot between The Ned and Turntable Coffee Counter that has a few plant beds in it.

The plan was for all of the children involved as well as those with CTC and the other groups to work together at cleaning up the lot and getting the beds ready for the people who grow vegetables in the bed.

Those vegetables grown there are used at ComeUnity Café.

“We’ve partnered with various children groups in different areas of the country, particularly Michigan, New York and Florida,” said Mehr Mansuri, the director of CTC.

The group had connections with Jackson and were hearing about things going on in town connected to Keep Jackson Beautiful, which is a group coordinated by the City of Jackson to ensure a better job is doing controlling litter and Love Your Block, another City initiative, which is meant to beautify the city through blight elimination and neighborhood cleanups.

“We heard about and saw what all is happening in Jackson and wanted to be a part of it,” Mansuri said. “And it’s great to be here working with the children and being a part of this project.”

CTC will be in town in the future for more play productions as well as more cleanup projects.

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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