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A look at Madison County’s games this week

USJ (3-0) at Jackson Christian (3-0)

Players to watch: USJ LB Alex Wallace; JC RB Duece Lawrence

Most recent meeting: 2022 – USJ 59, JC 17

What to know: Two programs who are typically known for how many points they put on a scoreboard have hung their hat on their defenses early in 2023. The Bruins are averaging 15 points allowed per game. The Eagles are averaging 16. But Jackson Christian is scoring more points, as they’re beating their opponents by an average margin of victory of 16 points, while USJ’s average victory margin is 5.7. Both teams have been tested as Jackson Christian had to come from behind to win in the second half last week. USJ had to do the same the week before. Possibly the main difference between the teams this year were the preseason expectations as Jackson Christian was expected to possibly win its first three games with the amount of talent it had coming back, while USJ was expected to struggle early with not much experience coming back from 2022.

Common opponents: Peabody – USJ won 14-7 in Week 1; JC won 47-14 in Week 2

Trivia: This will be the second consecutive road game for the Bruins, but they still have not played a game outside Jackson city limits yet this season.

South Side (2-1) at Crockett Co. (3-0)

Player to watch: South Side RB Rakarius Lacy

Most recent meeting: 2014 – Crockett Co. 56, South Side 7

What to know: This is probably South Side’s toughest test so far as the Cavaliers are playing like one of the best teams in West Tennessee. The Hawks started slow last week before playing closer to their potential against an inferior opponent in the second half for a running clock win. Crockett County, meanwhile, has posted wins of 21 points or more against all of its opponents that are all from bigger schools that have made the playoffs in recent years. South Side’s rushing defense has done well for the most part, but this will be its biggest opponent.

Common opponents: Ripley – South Side lost 22-9 in Week 1; Crockett Co. won 42-21 in Week 2

Trivia: The fewest points Crockett County has scored so far this season is 37. The most points South Side has scored is 36.

North Side (1-2) at Lexington (1-2)

Player to watch: North Side WR Kylan Roberson

Most recent meeting: 2020 – Lexington 24, North Side 14

What to know: It’s not often these teams meet with both of them having losing records. But a young Tiger team who’s played two of the best teams in this part of the state the last couple weeks takes on a young Indian squad that’s had a couple tough games as well. The good thing for North Side is Lexington’s losses makes them appear as if they have a hard time stopping the run from teams with a lot of athletes. North Side has a lot of athletes and might be more inclined to throw the ball, but their backs can move the chains too.

Common opponents: Crockett Co. – North Side lost 39-15 in Week 1; Lexington lost 37-10 in Week 3

Trivia: Four games into the season, this will be North Side’s third road game.

TCA (1-1) at Fayette Aca. (1-2)

Player to watch: TCA RB Colby Moore

Most recent meeting: 2022 – TCA 43, Fayette Aca. 34

What to know: This is the first region game for TCA, and it’ll be the first chance to see how well the Lions can utilize their brand of the option in the league. They moved well with it at times last week if for nothing else but the fact that not many private schools run the option, so the defenses aren’t accustomed to trying to stop it. Fayette Academy has scored at least 20 points in all of its games, but they’ve given up a combined 91 points in their two losses.

Common opponents: None

Trivia: This game is the first in a string of five road games for the Lions before they end the season with two at home.

Westview (1-2, 1-0) at Liberty (0-3, 0-0)

Player to watch: Liberty WR Greg Morris

Most recent meeting: 2016 – Liberty 47, Westview 0

What to know: Liberty showed some fight last week as they were down 10-0 at halftime and 7-0 late in the second quarter. But they’ve got to keep their poise and execute as they gave up 26 points after halftime last week. Mistakes are still a problem, but they’re correctable. Westview has struggled early in the season against tough opponents.

Common opponents: None

Trivia: Westview is two years removed from a state championship, The last time Liberty hosted that recent a state champion was 2018, when they hosted Friendship Christian in Week 1 after they’d won the Division II-A championship in 2017.

Compiled by Brandon Shields

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