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The Jackson Arts Council wants to display your art this year

Friday afternoons in Downtown Jackson are going to be a little more colorful starting this March. The Jackson Arts Council is introducing the First Friday Art Walks, to incorporate local artists’ work into local businesses. 

“The main goals are to provide opportunities for the public to engage with the arts for free,” said Jackson Arts Council Director Lizzie Emmons, “It’s a good way for local artists to sell and promote their work. We also want to work with our community partners to increase economic development and walkability in downtown Jackson.”

The concept is called “creative placemaking.” That’s when diverse partners strategically shape the physical and social character of a place in order to spur economic development, promote social change, and improve the physical environment. 

The Jackson Arts Council primarily focuses on advocacy and promotion, and Emmons believes mixing art and business furthers their goals. 

“We are mostly focused on the arts, but we know the arts can be a driving force for a lot of community growth,” Emmons said. “This is also a great time to patronize those businesses because those businesses are arts supporters.” 

Artists will have spaces set up inside about half a dozen businesses, all in Downtown Jackson. All of them will be walkable from each other. Emmons says right now they’re limiting the businesses involved, but they want to loop more in as the event grows. 

The First Friday Art Walks will take place on the first Friday of March through November of 2023. To participate, artists must be a member of the Jackson Arts Council. You can find that information at 731arts.com.

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news

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