Trey Smith makes appearance on WWE Raw


Trey Smith is able to say he’s accomplished something not many others have done.

The University School of Jackson graduate and Three Way native became the first-ever Madison County native to win multiple Super Bowls when he won his second straight NFL championship with the Kansas City Chiefs in February.

It’s believed that he’s now the first-ever person from Madison County to make an unofficial appearance on the World Wrestling Federation’s weekly show, Monday Night Raw.

Smith and Chiefs center Creed Humphrey came out to the crowd before the show started with Joey Borgonzi, the young boy Smith picked up and took to safety when a mass shooting erupted during the championship celebration in Kansas City the week after the Super Bowl. They were joined by first responders and others who were recognized for their heroic efforts that day.

After the show started, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was shown on the front row of the crowd with Smith next to him watching Raw earlier in the show when there was a segment involving wrestlers “Main Event” Jey Uso, Finn Balor and the United States champion Logan Paul.

Uso was fighting the other two and was laying in the ring when Paul exited the ring and walked over to Mahomes and borrowed Mahomes’ three Super Bowl rings (Mahomes and the Chiefs won a Super Bowl before they drafted Smith in 2021).

Another wrestler, J.D. McDonagh had entered the ring and was holding Uso for Paul to hit with the rings on his hand, but Uso ducked, leaving McDonagh to get laid out by the championship jewelry.

It was at that moment when returning wrestler Braun Strowman’s music hit, and he ran the three heels out of the ring after Paul did connect with Uso with the rings.

After Strowman ran the three off, he stood outside the ring in front of Mahomes, who stood up to Mahomes.

When Strowman looked like he was ready to fight Mahomes, Smith and Humphrey stood up next to Mahomes ready to have his back against Strowman, one of the few people on the planet who’s actually larger than Smith.

Uso, who’d apparently recovered from the hit with the three Super Bowl rings to the head, got between them and talked Strowman to the backstage locker rooms.

On Tuesday, Smith posted a clip of the confrontation on Twitter: “QB1 is off limits.”

Brandon Shields,

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