Old Country Store cuts ribbon for new drive-thru


Brooks Shaw’s Old Country Store at Casey Jones Village has been in business for 59 years and is in the family’s third generation of running the business.

The business celebrated its latest innovation on Wednesday, June 12, as they recently installed their first drive-thru windows in the newly renovated Dixie Café portion of the restaurant.

“This is something that’s been a long time coming,” said OCS President Brooks Shaw at the ceremonial ribbon cutting. “A lot of planning and work went into this, and a lot of prayer, thought and discussion went into it before that.

“But this is something that my mom, Juanita, our CEO, is glad to have available, and I think my dad, Clark, is smiling down proud of this too.”

The drive-thru actually had a soft opening in May, and Shaw said about 500 cars have come through the drive through so far.

“It’s just another way for us to reach our customer base, particularly the local customer base,” Shaw said. “If you’re hungry and wanting our Southern soul food but don’t have time to come in and enjoy the atmosphere of the buffet of the café, then come through our drive-thru and take a plate with you.”

The drive-thru is on the north end of the restaurant. Customers will drive up the street and right before they get to the end of the pavement where they either enter the events parking area behind the restaurant or turn right toward one of the neighboring hotels, they will make a sharp turn right into the drive-thru lane, which is essentially a U-turn as the lane heads east for a few yards and then turns toward the building and turns back east to go by both windows.

“Our initial goal right now, and I think we’re already close if we’re not there already, is to run the best drive-thru service of any independent restaurant in the region,” Shaw told about 75 people gathered to make the occasion before making a joke regarding a national chain known for its drive-thru service. “We’re coming for you Chik-fil-A.”

The drive-thru is the latest in a series of renovations that have been made in the past couple years at Old Country Store. The Wellwood Country Store was moved from the north end of the restaurant (where the drive-thru is now) to the south end and turned into a separate dining room. The Dixie Café was renovated to make way for the drive-thru and provide more space for employees and customers. The miniature golf course on the south end of the Village was recently renovated and re-opened.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on around here, and we’re still getting ready for our 60th anniversary celebration next year,” Shaw said. “So stay tuned for that.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news