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SCAM ALERT: Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office warns of ‘spoofed’ phone calls

The Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a scam. 

According to the Sheriff’s Office, someone is “spoofing” a phone number associated with them. 

In one scam, the person is calling people saying they have failed to show up for court and owe money. 

In a different scam, the victim is told they have outstanding warrants for their arrest.

To avoid arrest in both of these scams, the victim is asked to go to the Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office or to pay the fine by phone or online, through portals the scammers have created.

The Sheriff’s Office says both of these phone calls are scams, as they do not make phone calls like this or ask you to pay fines through websites.

The Sheriff’s Office asks you contact them at (731) 423-6000 if you receive a call like this. They also ask for you let other people know about the scam so they will not fall victim.

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