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OPINION: Charter school would bring needed competition in local education

By Bill Baxter

Submitted column

I cannot fairly justify blaming Jackson-Madison County Schools alone for its failure over the past 20 years when our community holds a Gala to celebrate this monumental failure while raising money without question. 

The apathy is defining!  Would we really celebrate any other failed business in Madison County this way?  I don’t think so.

The following was sent to Superintendent Marlon King and School Board Chairman Pete Johnson concerning the proposed ACE Charter School two weeks ago.

“Competition is good for everything and everyone.  Competition will make you improve or expose ‘your’ truth! Without competition one grows lazy and sloppy, especially bureaucracies that manage to always draw dollars from other’s taxes even in spite of their obvious failure!  Teaching kids the basics of reading, writing, and math is not that difficult. Phonics & old math might help!!

‘Fear of being exposed paralyzes people and fogs their decisions.  Let’s not let fear of failure keep us from competing and doing the right thing for the majority of students in Madison County.  Many, if not most of our touted Level 5 schools are failing miserably yet we easily buy this propaganda our School System is selling without demanding the real definition of Level 5 Schools.  The first true modern propagandist ultimately was exposed!  

“Madison County Schools desperately need God, Country, and respect for teachers in their curriculum.  ACE Charter brings those to the table.  Let’s give ACE Charter School a chance. If they fail, then we have lost nothing.  We are already near the very bottom of the 143 districts in Tennessee!  The truth sometimes hurts.  

“If ACE succeeds, the entire county succeeds!  Madison County will go the way of our Public School System, that can either be forward or stagnant, the choice is ours to make.“

Bill Baxter is a concerned citizen and former member of the Jackson-Madison County School Board. The Jackson Post’s opinion/editorial page is meant to help launch public discussion of local issues or allow local people to discuss national or statewide issues. To join the discussion, send a guest column or letter to the editor to brandon@jacksonpost.news. Submissions for a specific week’s print edition need to be sent by Monday night. Sending does not guarantee publication that week as that is based on space availability.

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