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New FBC pastor looks to help spread the Gospel in local, global missions

Scott Gilbert and his family haven’t lived in Jackson long, but they already enjoy living here.

Gilbert, who began serving as the senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Jackson in January, moved to the area after serving as pastor at a church in St. Joseph, Missouri.

He’s originally from Somerset, Kentucky, and graduated from University of the Cumberlands and Southern Seminary in Louisville.

“The Jackson community seems to be a very inviting and friendly town with nice, gracious people all over the place,” Gilbert said. “My wife and I were talking the other day about how random strangers will hold the door open for you at a gas station.

“That doesn’t happen everywhere like it does here.”

Gilbert said he’s growing quickly to love his congregation at FBC as well.

“From the first time I came here for a sermon in December, I sensed that this is a church that loves Gods’ Word and is similarly minded as me when it comes to missions,” Gilbert said. “They are a genuine group of people with a deep love for the Lord that really resonated with me.”

Gilbert said one aspect of ministry that means a lot to him is mission work because of his own past experiences going on mission trips to other countries.

“I spent a lot of time in the Andes Mountains of Peru doing mission work there, sharing the Gospel and getting to know the people there,” Gilbert said. “I took multiple trips there for a few years doing that work.”

Gilbert has also made similar trips to Poland, Brazil, church planting in Canada and a trip to India in October.

“Each of those trips were unique and taught me something new that helped me grow in my walk with the Lord,” Gilbert said. “And because they had such an impact on me, that’s why I emphasize missions so much.

“We’re told in the Bible – Jesus Christ said it Himself – that we’re to go out and share the Gospel, telling everyone we can about Him and what He’s done for us. So that’s something I feel strongly about, and knowing how getting out and sharing the Gospel in areas that don’t have easy access to God’s Word like we do here can change a person’s view of things is why it’s so important to me.”

Gilbert said a unique aspect of FBC’s schedule is something that took a few weeks of getting used to. While most churches who have Life Groups or Sunday School and worship on Sunday morning, classes typically proceed worship.

That’s not the case at FBC as worship is the first thing on the schedule.

“Worship is something that’s viewed here as a high privilege and an important responsibility of the Church for us to gather together and focus on the Lord,” Gilbert said. “But having worship and the sermon before Life Groups gives me a deadline to be finished preaching by, so that took a few weeks to get used to.

“But my wife and I and our kids are loving it here and we appreciate the Lord calling us here to do His work in Jackson.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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