Mother pleads for justice one year after son’s death

Tyler Guy poses for a picture in front of a mural in Downtown Jackson. (photo provided by Sabrina Parker)

Who killed Tyler Guy? Who knows who killed Tyler Guy? Why did they kill Tyler Guy? 

Those are the questions his mother, Sabrina Parker, has been asking for over a year now. Her son, Tyler, was shot to death May 20, 2022, while driving on North Highland Ave. in Midtown Jackson.

To this day, no arrests have been made, and there aren’t even any significant leads in the case. 

“None. Zero. Nothing,” Parker said in a recent interview. She is pleading with the public to come forward with some type of information.

Who was Tyler Guy?

Tyler Guy, only 19-years-old when he died, was set on starting his own trucking company after completing school at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. He lived with his mother and younger sister, and had finally chosen a career after graduating high school. 

“‘Mom, I would love to be your neighbor,’’’ Parker recalled, “And I was like, of course I would love to be your neighbor. So that’s what he was working on was starting a trucking business, and it would have been a natural easy fit for Tyler.”

Guy had only a few close friends, and didn’t particularly like school, but was spiritual and calm. He was the only boy of four siblings, and Parker said he oftentimes was their calming force.

“Tyler was always the peacekeeper, for me and the girls,” Parker smiled. He was quiet to a fault, calmly asking his mother for help when he got too close to a campfire. He even had a difficult time tackling teammates at football practice because he didn’t want to hurt them.

But, to Parker, that was just Tyler. 

“He played very quietly, and you would not even know he was in the house,” Parker described,
“You would not know he was there. He would literally take hours and line up his vehicles in a straight line, then line them up again.”

What We Know

According to Parker, her 19-year-old son was studying at Helping Hands of West Tennessee (where Parker works) until he left in her vehicle around 5 p.m. She said webpages for college preparation were still on the computer, as well as soft drinks on the table. 

After that, he drove north on North Highland Avenue, making it just past First Baptist Church. That’s when someone shot into the vehicle, hitting Guy once in the side. After that, he crashed into a tree. 

Shortly after the crash, several people gathered around, including a priest, who prayed over Guy as he passed. 

According to the Jackson Police Department, the only piece of information they have to follow is a black vehicle. There were no cameras in the area, and no one else has come forward with more information. 

“Originally when all this happened, and I thought for sure, I was the intended victim. The police have not ruled that out. They just don’t know anything,” Parker said she isn’t sure if there was an intended victim at all, as it could have been random.

Despite that, Parker is convinced someone knows something about her son’s death. It was a busy road, during the afternoon rush. She is desperately asking someone to step forward to bring justice for her son.

A Plea for Help

During a call, Deputy Chief of Police Derick Tisale said the department is still exactly where it was a year ago. They are asking anyone traveling in that area of North Highland Avenue at 5:12 p.m. Friday, May 20, 2022, to call their criminal investigation division. Tisdale says it doesn’t matter how small the piece of information is, it might help bring closure in this case. 

“I felt like whoever did it, they’re the ones who are lost. My son wasn’t lost, but they’re the ones who had to be mentally lost to make that type of decision,” Parker said. “I’m praying that someone provides the police with enough information. Not so I can spill my hate on someone, because I don’t have hate in my heart. It’s just not something that I have. Praise God. But do I want justice? For my son? Absolutely.”

Julia Ewoldt,