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Man accused of shooting his sister and killing her fiancé

A man is accused of shooting at his own sister, after killing her fiancé at their W. Deaderick St. apartment. 

The Jackson Police Dept. sent out a press release shortly after the incident in March.

Thomas Ray Fuller Jr. is charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder in the death of Nicolas Perry and injury of Takeisha Fuller, Wednesday, March 22. 

According to court records, Takeisha Fuller told officers she gave her brother a ride from her apartment to an area near Hollywood Cemetery around 9 p.m. However, when she stopped the car, her brother asked her for a hug. 

“Takeisha Fuller stated that Thomas Ray Fuller, Jr. then brandished a pistol and started shooting at her. Takeisha Fuller stated she jumped in her car and drove away while Thomas Ray Fuller, Jr. continued to shoot at her,” the court records said.

Court records say at that point, Fuller told investigators her brother continued to shoot at her as she drove away. 

But when Fuller arrived at her apartment to tell her fiancé what happened, she found him dead. 

“Takeisha stated she ran into her residence where she observed Nicolas sitting in a chair in their bedroom with gunshot wound on the back of his neck and his wallet resting on his chest,” the records say. 

Court records say Takeisha Fuller had a minor injury, consistent with a grazed gunshot wound. She was treated at a local hospital. 

Officers also said they found bullet holes in Fuller’s vehicle, and spent shell casings outside the bedroom window of Fuller and Perry’s home. 

Thomas Ray Fuller Jr.’s bond was set at $750,000. 

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news

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