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Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office investigating deadly shooting, family asks for answers

The Madison Co. Sheriff’s Office is investigating a deadly shooting on Harpeth Dr., just outside of Jackson city limits. 

The Sheriff’s Office also says no formal charges have been filed against the shooter. 

According to a news release, the Sheriff’s Office responded around 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 20 to the Harpeth Dr. area, and found 22-year-old Tyeasha Starks, who had been shot to death. 

The Sheriff’s Office says their preliminary investigation found there was a dispute between Starks and the residents of a home she was at. 

“The incident escalated and witnesses corroborated that Ms. Starks was armed with a stun device and was actively ‘arcing’ the device when she was shot by a resident at the home. During the investigation it was discovered that this disturbance was due to a child custody issue involving Ms. Stark’s juvenile child,” the release said.

The Sheriff’s Office says the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has been contacted about a follow-up investigation in reference to the child. 

“The investigation by the Madison County Sheriff’s Office remains ongoing, and once completed, all information concerning this incident will be provided to the District Attorney General’s office, who has been consulted throughout the course of the investigation,” the release said. 

Starks’ family has reached out to several news outlets about the situation, including the death of Starks and the ongoing situation with her child. 

Cousin Briana Fason says Starks was on her way to her child’s father’s home to get her one year old. She and her child’s father had an argument, and she told him to get the baby so she could leave. She says Starks was then shot four times in the face, but it is unclear who did it. Starks then tried to drive away, but she was found 15 minutes later by concerned neighbors.

Fason says their family is concerned about the welfare of Starks’ one-year-old child, since they have not heard any updates on the baby’s situation. 

“We don’t feel like the baby is safe in that environment,” Fason said. 

Fason said Starks was 110 lbs., a former cheerleader and softball player, and only had two weeks left in school to be a dental assistant. 

“She was an out-going, sweet person. She had the sweetest voice in the world. She was just loved,” Fason said. 

Fason said her family is actively seeking help and closure.

“We need answers. We need closure. We need the baby home,” Fason said to the Post. 

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news

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