Local Republicans celebrate historic achievements in recent days

The Madison County Republican Party has had a successful run the last couple weeks.

Last week during the Jackson municipal elections, the party secured seven members of the Jackson City Council, which is historic according to party chairman Brad Greer.

“We’ve never had a Republican majority on the Council, so we were just aiming for that,” Greer said. “But now we don’t have a majority or a super majority – which would be six out of nine members.

“All but two are Republicans, and that’s a big deal worth celebrating.”

Municipal elections aren’t partisan, but both Greer and his counterpart with the Madison County Democrat Party – Larry Greer – have both been vocal in their respective parties’ meetings about wanting to get members of their parties to run for local elected positions.

Brad Greer’s predecessor, Larry Lowrance, beat one of Larry Greer’s predecessors, Byron Elam, for a seat on the Council. Frank McMeen won his election, but even if he hadn’t, Brad Greer said McMeen’s opponent, Tara Skinner, has a Republican voting record. J.P. Stovall won against Sam Turner in District 1 for a third Republican win. Then among the six uncontested races, Julie Holt, Marda Wallace, Russ McCelvey and Candace Busby are all Republicans.

The other success the party has enjoyed in recent days is the most profitable Reagan Day dinner, in which the party raised the most money it’s ever raised from the annual event at which U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn spoke.

The theme of the night was “Answering the Call,” which Blackburn spoke about on the national level.

But in his address to the party, Greer spoke about that on a local level.

“There was a full house there,” Brad Greer said about the event held at Union University’s Carl Grant Center, estimating 350 in attendance. “And five of the seven City Council members were there, and both candidates for Mayor – Scott Conger and Ray Condray – were there.

“And I said this feels like a new start for a positive relationship between the City and the Republican Party. I told both Conger and Condray that no matter who wins between them, the party will hold the Mayor accountable but will also be willing to be there as a cheerleader for the good things going on in Jackson. And I really meant that.”

Greer became the chairman of the party at its monthly meeting on Jan. 16, and one of the things he spoke about just after being elected was trying to recruit Republicans for local elections.

“A few people told me it was a long shot, but we still had solid people run for office, and we put support as a party where we needed to in the contested elections,” Greer said. “And now my plan is for the party to work with whoever we need to in City or Madison County government to make this area the best it can be in the coming years. This is a party I’m proud to be a part of because of the compassion and generosity of its members, and I plan on making sure we as a party continue to be that type of group.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news