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JMCSS students’ creativity on display at Old Hickory Mall

Old Hickory Mall was temporarily transformed into an art gallery and performance hall for four hours on Saturday.

The artists were a collection of up-and-coming artists from Jackson-Madison County Schools whom district officials feel are worthy of the exposure.

It was JMCSS Fine Arts Day at the mall, which has become an occasion that happens twice a year – once in the spring semester and once in the fall.

A walk through the mall showed tables and temporary walls full of art.

Near where the Great American Cookie Store once stood was a table full of sculptures from students that looked like different foods.

Artwork lined the main passageway of the mall from the main entrance facing North Highland Avenue all the way down until it turned right in front of JC Penney and all the way down where the opening of the space that used to be Belk.

That spot in front of Belk was a place where band students were able to perform pieces they’ve learned this year.

The space in front of Penney’s was a place for choirs and soloists could perform.

Parents and other supporters gathered in front of a choir of students from Pope Elementary as they sang selections like “Wade in the Water.”

At the other end of the corridor, Rose Hill Band Director Joshua Hayes introduced a few of his students who performed solo pieces on drums and saxophone for their parents and other supporters as well as a few shoppers who happened to be in the vicinity at the time of their performances.

After they were done, he invited the listeners to a band concert on May 2 at the school.

Janie Carp is the art teacher at Community Montessori School. She said she’s been working with 500 of the 700 students, and while trying to figure out what pieces to display at her school’s space, it gave her a chance to see growth in a lot of her students since the school year started in August.

“Every one of us have some kind of creativity in us,” Carp said. “And it really is fun and exciting to work with the students at young ages as they figure out for themselves what their own creativity may look like.

“It may be something we do in art class – drawing, painting, sculpting or something else we do. Or it may be something they do in music like we’re listening to here now. Or it may be something completely different. But when a child experiences something new, and they discover they enjoy it and want to learn how to do more of it and see the potential to create something new and the possibilities that go along with that … that’s a special moment.”

She added that events like this are a good thing for students as it gives them something to shoot for in their creation and a chance for those in the community that may not be connected to the school system to get a chance to see what is going on inside the classrooms of JMCSS.

“Of course students are learning the essential basics of education, but we’re teaching them how to create too,” Carp said. “And if you spend any time walking around here today looking at what students have done or listening to what they’ve learned musically, we’ve got a lot of students learning how to be creative and honing their craft as they figure all of that out for themselves.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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