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Jackson adding to park facilities

The City of Jackson’s Parks and Recreation Department are getting a matching grant that will equal nearly $2.2 million the City will use over the next three years to add to the City’s current park facilities and improve some of the current facilities.

“The grant funding itself is about $1.1 million, but since we had to match it, it’s closer to $2.2 million,” said Parks and Rec Director Tony Black.

Two main additions to the parks will be a skating facility at Matchpoint Park, which is the name given to the park on North Highland that includes the tennis facility that opened across the road from North Park.

“We’ve got a lot of hopes for that area because in addition to the tennis courts there and the skating facility that we’re planning, there’s already a disc golf course there that just opened and is playable,” Black said.

The disc golf course takes up a lot of space near the back of what was the old golf course at the former Highland Green course.

There will also be a new park built near the new fire station on Windy City Road, just north of Trinity Christian Academy.

“That area was annexed into the city a few years ago, and one of the things we promised was to put a park there, so we’re going to be able to begin that work because of this grant,” said Park Coordinator Christi David.

The park will be near the Wright’s Mill subdivision.

There will be a playground, restrooms, parking and a walking trail included in the park. But there will be something else included as well: A ninja warrior obstacle course.

“We’ve seen things like this at parks in other cities our size, and we’ve been looking at installing something like that somewhere in the city,” Black said. “And it will be accessible and usable for kids and adults.

“Some of these facilities host competitions, and we’re hoping that eventually Jackson can host these competitions too.”

Other parks will receive work from the funding as well including resurfacing some walking trails like the one at Mercer Park or adding ADA compliance to other facilities.

“Our city’s leadership keeps inclusivity as a high priority, and our parks and recreational facilities need to be accessible by as many as possible for many reasons,” Black said. “So we’re glad to facilitate that.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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