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Inmates graduate from manufacturing class

Two dozen inmates at the Madison County Criminal Justice Complex are one step closer to receiving jobs after release. 

Thursday, the inmates graduated from the Manufacturing Skills for Success program hosted by the University of Tennessee Institute for Public Service. The 10-day course teaches, or reteaches, workplace skills, print reading, measurements, tools, and other skills needed in a manufacturing setting. 

“In school, they teach you this and tell you one time, maybe twice,” Larry Horton said, “But here, they took the time, and he broke it down. And if you didn’t understand that, they really broke it down. If you didn’t understand it that way, they break it down again until you get the full understanding.”

This is the first time the Madison Co. CJC has held this particular class. Sheriff Julian Wiser said he hopes these skills will help the inmates assimilate back to society, and avoid recidivism. The inmates who participated in the program are expected to be released soon, and this class is a step to making sure they succeed.

Horton is scheduled to be released in about three months, and hopes to go back to being a software technician. 

“When I get out, I’m going to take off at full speed,” Horton said, “This program taught me how to start at ground zero. Once I get out, I’m going to fly back to my everyday life.”

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news

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