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Friends, family celebrate 100th birthday for local veteran

Charles Freeman Jordan has had an eventful life.

He served his country in two wars – World War II and Korean War. He was a Marine in World War II, got out after the war ended and then signed back up with the Air Force after the Korean War started to avoid being drafted somewhere he didn’t want to go.

He’s been married twice with those marriages producing a family with three children, six grandchildren, nine great-grandchildren and six great-great-grandchildren so far.

But he’s slowing down now. His life mainly consists of reading multiple newspapers, sitting on the porch talking with family members and friends and enjoying life.

On Sept. 25, he turned 100 years old, and his family and friends gathered in the fellowship hall at Meridian Baptist Church in South Jackson on Saturday to celebrate him.

His birthday wasn’t the only thing Jordan celebrated on Saturday. He got to meet his youngest great-great-grandchild for the first time at the party – Baby Freeman.

“He’s beautiful,” Jordan said about the newest addition to the family.

With 24 descendants, Jordan said he doesn’t even try to keep up with them even more.

“I’ll talk to them when I see them when they come by,” Jordan said. “But they all know I love them, and I know they love me.”

He’s actually from Corinth and moved to Jackson about 70 years ago when he went to work for Moses Auto Parts after his military service. He lived in Humboldt for a couple years when Moses moved him to manage their place there, but he moved his family back to South Jackson after a couple years when he was hired by Conalco, where he worked for about 30 years until he retired.

In that time, he helped coach baseball for years at the ballpark near Sadie Lou before the Malesus Park was built.

And he was active at church at Bemis United Methodist until his health and the COVID-19 pandemic caused him to stay home now, except for the occasional doctor’s visit.

After he retired, he spent a few years driving for Meals on Wheels, helping those who couldn’t get food get fed.

A few friends from church who hadn’t seen him in a while and some of the boys who played baseball for him were on hand to celebrate his first century of life.

“I know all these people,” Jordan said, looking around at the nearly 60 people who showed up for the party. “It feels good to see them here to come to see me.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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