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Cub Scouts enjoy Day Camp at Lane College

The West Tennessee Chapter of the Boy Scouts of America hosted 31 scouts last week at Lane College for their annual Cub Scout Day Camp.

Erika Hughes is the coordinator of the camp that had to move inside because of weather concerns – both stormy weather rolling through at different times last week and because of concerns with high temperatures.

“It’s actually worked out OK for us moving inside,” Hughes said on July 20, the last day of instruction before the final day of games on that Friday. “It took a couple hours to set it up outside, but when the weather was moving in, everyone chipped in and we got it down in just a few minutes and set up inside the gym.”

The gym at Lane College was divided into a number of different stages including a plastic archery range in which Cub scouts shot arrows at cardboard boxes with balloons on them for target practice.

“We were able to mark off enough area that they could get quality target practice and put to practice what we’ve taught them about aiming and shooting,” Hughes said.

Elsewhere in the gym were different stations for the Cubs to learn about how germs spread and a mini-box car derby on a track.

Also in the athletic facility at Lane was swim camp for scouts to learn more about swim safety.

This is the third year for the camp’s existence with all three years being on Lane’s campus.

“It’s really great for us to be able to use their facilities, and we appreciate the partnership we have with them,” said Adrian Hackett, the director of the West Tennessee Council of BSA.

All local Boy Scouts of America troops will have membership drives as classes resume in local school districts.

Anyone interested in their children becoming a Scout can contact the West Tennessee Council at 731-668-3787.

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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