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Condray thankful for opportunity to run for Mayor

A little more than 100 people were gathered at Madison Downs Tuesday night in support of Jackson Mayoral candidate Ray Condray.

As voting totals showed a win for incumbent Scott Conger, it was Condray who seemed to cheer up those in the crowd.

As some wiped tears from their eyes, Condray was upbeat and gracious.

While some said “I’m sorry” as they leaned in for a hug or a handshake, Condray met them with, “It’s OK. Nothing to worry about.”

The gathering marked the end of a journey for Condray that saw him announce his challenge for Mayor in front of City Hall on a cold Saturday morning in February.

On a warm Tuesday evening in June, he seemed grateful for the experience even though he came up short.

“We said in the beginning we felt called to run, and we ran to win,” Condray said. “But that doesn’t mean we were called to win.

“God has a plan and a purpose for everything, and if the purpose of me running is nothing more than making the leadership of our city take notice that the people are watching and deserve better, then I thank God for choosing me for this.”

Six people originally ran for Mayor. While three candidates were already elected officials or had run in the past for elected office, Condray was one of the relative unknowns in the beginning.

“I don’t know how many people thought we had a chance of doing anything in this race when we started out,” Condray said. “But to be standing here now with these supporters shows that when a group of passionate people get out and try to do something, they can affect change.

“I feel like we’ve already seen that because there are more policemen on the streets patrolling. Roads are being repaired. Things are getting taken care of, and that’s all any of us really want.”

Condray said the campaign, particularly in the final days leading up to the first election on May 2 and the six weeks until the runoff have been a combination of a marathon and sprint.

“I can’t remember the last waking hour that was not focused on this race,” Condray said. “We definitely worked hard, and I think a lot of people responded.”

Condray said if he were to sit down with Conger, his message to him would be blunt.

“I’d tell him congratulations and thank you for addressing the issues in our city that we were bringing up,” Condray said. “And I wish him well in the next four years for the sake of Jackson and all its citizens.”

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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