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Condray, Conger to enter runoff for Jackson Mayoral Election

The City of Jackson Municipal Election will be entering a runoff election for the Mayoral Position, to happen June 13, according to Madison County Election Administrator Lori Lott. Since none of the candidates received more than 50% of the vote, the top two will enter the runoff election.

Those candidates are Ray Condray and Scott Conger. Conger received 3,927 votes, 46.95%. Condray received 2,452 votes, 29.31%.

Both candidates spoke at their respective campaign parties:

“Words are almost hard to find right now. We feel incredibly overwhelmed. We’re humbled that this many people have come out to support us during the whole race. Everybody you saw here tonight are people that either donated, worked or supported us in some way. They had some skin in the game. We wanted to say thank you to them. Our number one goal was to get into the runoff. We were ecstatic,” Ray Condray said after the results came in. 

“I’m thankful to have the opportunity to do this,” Condray continued, “This is what makes America great. The people have the opportunity to choose who they want to have their leader. I know he’s had a run so far with his first term, and the people will now have the opportunity to decide if they want change. We will offer the opportunity to give them change.”

“I feel great. You look back four years ago, with 34% of the vote. Today we had 47% of the vote, and another person in the race. So I think it’s a great percentage,” Scott Conger said at his campaign event.

“The race isn’t about the individuals running,” Conger continued, “The race is about the 68,205 people that live here, and how we’re going to make their lives better. And that’s the job of the mayor: get up every day, make sure that Jackson is a little better when you go to bed at night than when you woke up. It’s not about the ugliness. It’s not about who did what, and who called who what, it’s about the people. And it’s about the plan to make Jackson better. And this is what I love doing. It’s what we get up every day and do, we’re gonna continue to do no matter what.”

Six candidates were on the ballot for the mayoral position. The final unofficial results are as follows: 

Scott Conger – 3,927; 

Ray Condray – 2,452; 

Jerry Woods – 1,458; 

Daryl Hubbard – 423; 

Lisa Wiliams-Lyons – 91; 

Paul Sherrod – 11. 

Three City Council races were contested. Those results are as follows: 

District 1

JP Stovall – 491

Sam Turner – 197

District 5

Frank McMeen – 488

Tara Skinner – 458

District 6

Larry Lowrance – 509

Byron Elam – 492

According to election administrator Lori Lott, the results will be certified next week. 

Julia Ewoldt, julia@jacksonpost.news

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