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City unveils 3 new playground at parks

The children of Jackson have three new playgrounds to play in, and those playgrounds are in different areas of the city.

City of Jackson leadership including Mayor Scott Conger, Parks and Recreation Director Tony Black and others were on hand for a ribbon cutting at Paradise Park, adjacent to the T.R. White Sportsplex and Lane Field.

“It’s important for our children to have somewhere to play, and we’re glad to do this for the children not just in one area of the city,” Conger said.

Terry Smith is the director of the Sportsplex, and he noted how needed the new playground was needed in his East Jackson location.

“The old playground had equipment that was old and damaged and worn out,” Smith said. “It probably needed to be replaced eight or 10 years ago.”

After the ribbon cutting, some of the older kids at heart on hand for the event tried out the new equipment that includes slides, playhouses, small climbing wall and new swing sets all placed in a new bed of mulch to provide a softer landing for any children that may fall while playing.

“We actually had to have this specific area redone by the stormwater department to allow for better drainage that wouldn’t affect the play area,” said Christy David, the City’s parks coordinator. “And the street department came out and put down new concrete slabs to allow for more access for more kids.”

Black said the new playgrounds – which include new facilities installed at Malesus and Conger parks – are already getting used.

“We had a 6-year-old child try out the toddler swings at Malesus [Sunday] and got stuck and had to be cut out,” Black said. “So we’re already having to replace a swing, but that’s OK because that repair is being made because kids were out playing.”

For David, she said the previous playground at Malesus practically raised her as she spent a good portion of her childhood there playing.

“I’ve seen how important a playground can be in a child’s life, so we’re glad that Mayor Conger and everyone in our department and city leadership can see the need for projects like this,” David said.

Brandon Shields, brandon@jacksonpost.news

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